Do Eye Injuries Health on Their Own?

Seasonal incidences of Eye Injury


With the onset of spring and warmer weather there are increasing accidents involving the eyes.


People who get “jabbed” in the eye from a branch or some other object will likely be in pain for a day or two.


However the wrong thing to do is reach for an eye drop to “get the red out”.


Scratches to the outside of the eye and injury to the cornea are quite common in the spring more than any other season.  If it is just coincidence or issues of eye safety it may be both.


When working outside in the yard, remember to wear some form of protective eye wear if you do not already have glasses.


If you get a particle or something in the eye, have the eyes looked at by a professional such as the optometrist.


Being of the self help, It will go away attitude may cause more harm than necessary.


Many eye drops are insufficient to clear the redness of an injury and subsequent infections.


Also.  Many eyedrops have preservatives in them which can cause an allergic response by the body.


Take care of your eyes.  Schedule eye exams regularly, as they are the only two you will ever receive.