Eye Injury: Preventing Common Eye Injuries & Treating Eye Injuries

Do Eye Injuries Health on Their Own?

Seasonal incidences of Eye Injury


With the onset of spring and warmer weather there are increasing accidents involving the eyes.


People who get “jabbed” in the eye from a branch or some other object will likely be in pain for a day or two.


However the wrong thing to do is reach […]

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Vision in life…..does it have a purpose?

Your vision and eye sight does serve you to be able to see your life experience and express it to its fullest.

But what does one not see?

Awareness of your actions and inactions produce your picture of life through your perceptions.  However, your life may be illusive to you and only seen after your experiences and […]

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Assumptions about vision a sense of illusion. Do you really believe your eyes?

Many people who have had cataract surgery or lazer surgery can assume their vision is GREAT!!   However it may not be as great as it should.

Recently I saw an individual who has been a patient of mine for over 20 years.

Last year they went under surgery for cataract removal

However a recent incident occurred which required […]

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Introduction to Family Matters

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Added value from Independant Optometrists Not available Online

Personal care and value for your time are unique in today’s world.

With the internet people are shopping for a product, information and avenues to save money and time.

However with recent experiences there have been quality issues and people not receiving the correct product, or poor quality.  Poor information is included.  In an Optometric practice there […]

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The Value of Health Vision exams detect conditions like diabetes and hypertension 2 years before you have other symptoms

As I get older I see older people failing in health.

I can give them assistance in obtaining directions in care, and at the same time I wonder about my own health.

Little things like diet, habbits, and of course value of an action or inaction.  It really makes me wonder as to what people value in […]

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Food for thought

Food For thought

Vision is a thinking process. Yet not many people realize how much

your vision can fool you.

Perception is vulnerable to illusion. The mind is actually hiding

95 percent of your awareness based on your awareness.

Not many people know their vision and their health may be in jeopardy.

A thorough eye exam not only assesses what you […]

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Eye Exam Costs: How Much Do Eye Exams Cost?

Be Careful with Questions About Eye Exam Costs

One of the most frequent calls is how much does an eye examination cost?

There seems to be an assumption that people are shopping for services like it is an item.

A thorough eye examination can take in excess of an hour.  It is not merely the determination of a […]

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Electronic devices such as your smart phone and computer are causing havoc to your well being in more ways than ONE

People are unaware that their eyes may have focusing issues and muscle function issues as well as health issues which require attention.
Blurred vision is not something to be ignored.
Using smart phones and computers […]

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Vision Aging: Changes, Problems & Vision Loss

How Our Vision Changes As We Grow Older

The human body is in constant change in creation and destruction of cells.

Your diet and your mental state are a representation of your life.  Dealing with the proper balance in nutrition is widely known.  However the emotional state and thinking process has a profound effect on the body […]

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