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The most frequent question asked by a new or unknown person is


OK !!   Well is shopping for the cost of an eye examination a good thing?

It creates a situation where the person assumes an eye examination from one optometrist is the same as another.

Well it is not.

A thorough eye examination […]

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Are Eyeglass Coatings Worth the Investment?

The Benefits of Eyeglass Coatings

Optical properties of eyeglass lenses have a tendency to produce bothersome reflections.

Anti-reflective coatings of high quality assist in achieving a clearer comfortable vision for your eyeglasses.

One issue some people have with the coatings is the appearance of a dirty lens.  Better quality coatings still show a dirty lens however are […]

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Time to care for one’s self

Making time for self care is important to everyone.

Finding the time however seems to be an issue however.

In the end, if prevention isn’t considered at a regular interval then the issues of eye disease and disfunction rise.

Your eyes do not necessarily warn you of the onset of disease as the sensation of pain does […]

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Getting Value From Your Eyewear: Why Is Eyewear So Expensive?

How Should Eyewear Fit

A few things you should know.

All glasses look pretty much alike to consumers. Most glasses are worn for about 1,000 days or about 2.7 years. If your glasses are $300.00, you can estimate the daily cost by moving the decimal point 3 jumps to the left – that means the cost will […]

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Article I published in The Milton Family Matters Magazine Winter 2017 Issue

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The gift of the Christmas Season

Vision is a gift.

Appreciated by everyone to be able to see their life and wonders of the universe.

Take a moment to close your eyes and remember the images of your life.  Without your eyes and your health what would life be like.

Your eyes present you with the opportunity to experience freedom to live your life.

Please […]

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Adapting to Your Progressive Multifocal Lenses

How to Get Used to Your Progressive Lenses

Many people have difficulty adapting to multifocal lenses (bifocal and trifocal) or commonly referred to as “NO LINE BIFOCALS”

The transition of power from the distance or center of the lens to the reading area of the lens at the bottom requires the production of a slowly increasing change […]

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Multifocal Contact Lenses: What are Multifocal Contact Lenses?

What Are Multifocal Contact Lenses?

Could Multifocal or Bifocal Contact Lenses Be Right for You?

I have been fitting contact lenses for over 35 years.

A design developed by an Optometrist in Cambridge Ontario 40 + years ago is still the design used today.

Changes and improvements of the materials for comfortable wear has come a long way.

Multifocal […]

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Professionals Speak column which I author on vision care in the Milton Canadian Champion Newspaper

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Vision care in the community IN MILTON FAMILY MATTERS MAGAZINE

A new article in the Milton Family Matters January edition is promoting vision awareness for driving.

Arrive alive is mentioning the aspects of blurred vision and the possible scenarios and reasons for blurred vision.

The truth of the matter, perception of blur is a very subjective and illusive aspect of human behavior.

A person does not generally know […]

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