Creating Balance for greater Health, Strength and Clarity in all aspects of your life

Understanding your life and the Nature of Things…  HeartSensee is dedicated to helping you connect with grace to the power of fulfillment.

Mental Clarity

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed you know that high levels of mental chaos can prevent you from creating the success you seek.

We can help you organize your thinking to clear away the emotionally-charged memories and imaginings that limit you. Our guidance will help you draw more successfully upon your own intuitive capabilities and enable you to live with more certainty and presence.

Physical Health and Well Being

If you value physical strength and performance then you understand how stress can damage health.

Our process reduces muscle tension so you feel more vital and less stressed; you will experience greater physical relaxation and your body will function more efficiently. You will ultimately feel more in tune with your body, experience greater vitality and sleep more soundly.

Vocational Integrity, Awareness, Vision and Achievement

People sometimes reach a point in their careers where they feel restless and unmotivated. Left unresolved, the problem can fester and lead to ever greater levels of stress, unhappiness and even poor health.

We work with you to clarify your vocational direction and add more certainty to your plans for the future. We help you discover your Life Purpose and create a vision for fulfilling it. Your sense of achievement in career will increase and obstacles to success will become less formidable.

Wealth and Growth

If you dream of becoming financially more successful but aren’t sure what’s holding you back, we can help.

Our guidance will help you develop greater self worth so you can eliminate the excuses that have been sabotaging wealth creation and retention. If you tend to either over- or under-spend, we can help you moderate your behaviour and if patience is in short supply we can help you expand your time horizon to dissolve frustration.

Social Influence and Awareness

Some people seem to have an innate ability to manage every social situation with ease while others of us struggle.

If you want to grow beyond your current level of social influence and awareness, we can help you break through fear and guilt to unlock your innate leadership qualities. With the greater clarity we’ll help you develop around your Life Purpose you will also become more direct in your social relationships and you will experience less social tension.

Familial Unity and Integrity

Is family conflict causing unhappiness?

We can help resolve the conflict you’ve been experiencing with family members and generate greater respect, understanding and love. Our process will decrease blame, increase respect and appreciation, enhance intimate communication and create greater family connection and cooperation.

Spiritual Connection and Personal Power

Many people are uncomfortable discussing their spiritual well-being and some shy away from the issue for fear of being judged. But if we neglect to work out the nature of our spiritual identity, we risk missing a key aspect of our existence.

We can help open your heart to love and appreciation and awaken your awareness of the underlying order in the universe. Your understanding will encompass a greater intelligence, a greater wisdom and a greater truth. You will be humbled and elevated.