For most eyeglass wearers, leaving the eye doctor with a new pair of frames is a great experience. The chances are that new pair of glasses matches your style and fits perfectly, giving you a new sense of confidence about how you look.

However, the truth is that after just a few months, the fit of a new pair of glasses can begin to change slightly. Earpieces may not fit on your ears correctly anymore, or the frames may not fit as perfectly on your nose as they first did. Not only can this affect the way they look on your face, but it can also begin to alter how effectively you see. There are some solutions for How to adjust glasses for a better fit at home. However, the safest way to ensure your glasses are looking great is to have them adjusted at your eye doctor.

How to Adjust New Glasses

If your pair of glasses are brand new, they should fit perfectly. However, if after a week of wearing them you’ve found an issue or they are proving uncomfortable, the best course of action is to take them to your optometrist. Often, your optometrist will know how to adjust new glasses using specialized tools. Most optometrists offer to adjust glasses as a free service, particularly if you’ve just purchased them from their office. If the glasses turn out to be defective, they may also be able to replace them for free.

How to Adjust Crooked Glasses

There are several ways for how to adjust crooked glasses. If one lens appears higher or closer to one eye than another, you can adjust the opposite arm of your frames to correct the issue. As an example, if the left lens appears higher than the right lens, it often helps to slightly bend the right temple arm at the hinge or the bend at the ear. In cases where a lens is closer to one eye than the other, a good solution is to bend the same side arm in while bending the opposing side out at the hinge as needed. For example, if the left lens fits too closely to your eye, bend the left temple arm in at the hinge and bend the right temple arm out.

How to Adjust Plastic Glasses

There are a lot of advantages to plastic frames, including convenience when it comes to adjusting them at home. Adjustments to plastic glasses can be easily made by running the plastic under hot water or air from a hairdryer for around 30 seconds. This will make the frames more flexible to make adjustments as needed, though it is important not to overheat plastic frames. After the plastic becomes more bendable, carefully apply very light pressure where necessary, trying on your glasses with each adjustment until the fit is right.

How to Adjust Metal Glasses

Metal glasses require more individual attention, so it is often advisable to take them to your optometrist. However, some slight adjustments to metal frames can be made by first placing a thin, unwrinkled cloth over the metal area in need of attention. Using soft, plastic-tipped pliers, you can then position the pliers over the bent section and gently apply slight pressure to make adjustments. Continue to try on your frames after each change to until the fit is right.

For more on how to adjust glasses, or free professional glasses adjustment, contact for an appointment today.