Comprehensive Eye Examinations Go beyond 20/20 and Eye Glasses

There are various  aspects to eye health assessments.     The drive to find the answers for the causes of disease took me to study various human body processes. The study of the Mind, Body connection. Interestingly enough my childhood hobby which still is engrained in my life ~ham radio~ and the knowledge of electromagnetism have presented me with incites in the processes of the human body, the effects of human psychology, quantum physics, the study of light, and interestingly enough psychophysics. There are all sorts of medical therapies using light as a medium, because the understanding that our body is basically various forms of light crystallized in material form called matter. Vision is one of many senses the body has to express our life. Each is part of an entire body function in unison allowing  you to communicate with your environment.

Physical assessment~Technology has presented instruments to assess the physical structures of the visual process in and behind the eye.

Optical Coherent tomography

Optical-Coherence-TomographyHigh resolution imaging and Threshold Periferal vision  assessments, assist in assessing structures involved in the visual process within the brain.  How we communicate with our environment is measurable in an eye examination.

The visual function known as physiological optics is the measurement of the perceptual interpretation causing nerve and  motor functions or responses. This is where the pshycological representation fits in.  Our emotions produce electricity.   What we sense produces an electrical stimulus.  The difference or variation in our responses produces a characteristic behaviour of our personal interpretation based on our beliefs and values.   It is measurable in our muscles, eye movements and focusing. How we manage our responses is in part automatic.

Maintenance of the structures, allow for function.  Disruption of the structures can cause malfunction.  However there is also malfunction (emotional thoughts and stress) which will affect how a structure functions.  Our wrinkles, and muscle strains are a product and in part manipulated by our emotions.  Many diseases like heart conditions affect your body.  So what is different in the eye? Nothing.  Each of your aspects of the eyes, and brain pathways are similarly affecting your vision.  Many people are not aware that the blurring of vision or inability to see actually is in part affected by our perception.  ‘Seeing things’ as we do (our values) actually produces a similar situation within the structures of the eye.  Our visual process is therefore a receiver of light, and transmitting the information to all other parts of the body.

There is a link between our body intelligence and the radiation of our heart with how we interpret or see  the world.

And in return our heart intelligence radiates throughout our body and organs.  Energy in motion is then either heart sensed or emotionally driven. It is an area of advanced study to establish optimum health. 

image018If a child cannot see clearly.  How can they learn clearly?  80 % of learning is dependant on vision

HELP Teach our children the importance of

Regular eye care.