Vision is a perception. What you see, or think you see is not always what is really there.

The brain is lazy but will hide things.  For instance.  Everybody has a blindspot approximately 15 degrees off to the temporal side, about the size of your thumb nail at 20 inches.  It exists, however the brain fills it in as if there was vision there.

Also, the brain will not even show if 90 percent of your vision is missing similarly.


So how do you know if your eye sight is OK if 90 percent is missing peripheraly.  You don’t!  You may just have difficulty with night vision and maybe running into things, misplacing things or tripping.


A Visual Field analysis is a specific test which is essential to determine your true visual sense.  Vision is in the brain, not the eyes.  Vision is processed in the area of the brain called the Occipital Cortex.  The back of the brain.  Seeing letters and a reference of 20/20 eyesight is actually only central vision which is one percent of your total visual sense.

A person can have 20/20 eye sight.  However be going blind such as in a disease called Glaucoma.  ‘The Silent Thief of Sight” . Or other diseases such as Diabetes or MS.


Don’t be fooled by what you see.  It might not be there.  Or something may be there that you didn’t see.   Now.  How many people ever have an eye exam? (42%)  And.  How many have had a Threshold Periferal Vision Analysis?  I have found only 10% of new patients I see ever had a peripheral vision analysis before.  It is essential to a Comprehensive Vision Assessment.  And Essential to your health.


IF YOU DRIVE and have never had a Comprehensive Eye exam, you maybe dangerous to your and everyone elses life.