What is the Cost?
You may be asking the wrong questions.
“What is the cost of an eye examination, glasses, or contact lens?” Why is that the most common question asked
when a call comes into the office? Do you really understand?
Your eyes may need more help than you might believe. Would you look for less quality or unknown levels of
evaluation to save your health comfort and health?
Many people think they may be getting a deal when they see an advertised price for glasses, contact lenses, or eye
exam, such as 2 for one, free extra pair or eye exams arranged.
The catch is they may have your attention, which seems to drive a perceived value that you are getting a good value
for your dollar. But what are you actually getting? Likely you have do not know.
A comprehensive and thorough eye exam is not a simple fact of finding out what eye glasses you may need. It is
not possible to do a complete exam with all the factors of lens prescription, muscle movement assessments, visual
field testing and Optical Coherent Imaging (lazer measurement scans and photo graphs ) in 20 minutes. It can take
anywhere from an hour to one and a half hours. Are the tests important? The answer is up to you! Your optometrist
wouldn’t wish to miss something that would possibly affect your well being. Would you cut out a particular test or
examination procedure to risk your health?
Time is a factor, and the time spent in an examination is important to ascertain your oculo visual status and health.
Many people never have an eye exam. Some wait until they cannot see and it may be when they are in their 50’s.
Yet these same people not able to see well are driving, and have poor performance in the work place, school, and
even sports.
Yet many conditions which will affect your health are detected through an eye examination, such as diabetes.
Prevention?Well if we all thought about preventing health issues we might all just be alittle healthier. Your eyes do
not necessarily hurt when there is a pending issue about to present it self which could affect your quality of life. For
instance not being able to drive or read.
In the area of products
There are over 600 types or products available in lenses. Each one has its own optical design or quality of image
Unfortunately for the consumer, you don’t know what you are getting and the retailer knows it. Eventually you may
assume that is how things are to be seen in clarity. Youmay end up putting up with the vision and assume everything
is supposed to be that way, until maybe you wake up to the fact that you suffered or gave up thinking you were given
something which was useless to you….. until someone tells or show you something different.
You are a unique individual.With particular physical and functional needs.What products are required to maintain
your health and comfort depend on the prescribing and follow up to assure your health. This portrays the trust
patients have given to me in helping them have safer health and eye care. True value is in the service to provide a
product with optimum properties for clarity and comfort.
The truth of it, trust your eye care professional to provide the care you need, and ask questions. And think of what
is important to you.