When we find ourselves sensitive to the outside sunlight, one tends to

squint, and we may reach for a pair of “sunglasses”.

It is not the darkness or the color of the sunglasses which will make

you feel more comfortable.

The reasons for our sensitivity to the light are not only the brightness,

but also:

  1. Uncorrected vision is a major source of our discomfort. Anything that

is not seen clearly is actually a source of glare. So wearing proper

prescription eyewear will resolve 50% of your sensitivity to the sun.

  1. Ultraviolet radiation is another reason we tend to be sensitive. UV can

burn your corneas, and leave you very photophobic. (light sensitive).

You must be sure any eyewear has UV filtering capabilities. And if it

does, does it filter all of the UV spectrum, or just a portion. Beware of

sunglasses which claim to filter UV; in actual fact any piece of plastic

or glass will filter UV to some extent, but not enough to protect your

valuable eyes completely. Colored lenses claiming to be blue blockers

may not protect you eyes completely.

  1. Reflective glare- bright sheen when near water, or on the road while

driving is the most significant source of our discomfort in the bright

sun. There is only one optical lens which will protect you from the

source of glare. It is the polarized lens.

Polarized lenses are the only true protective sunglasses, and are available

in most forms of prescription eyewear. They protect you from both

GLARE and UV, as well as correcting your vision when a prescription

is made of this lens. Polarized lenses should not be confused with

photochromic lenses which change their darkness with sunlight.