Vanity Or Fear?

Practicing Optometry and I have a mission to help people preserve vision.

When I encounter daily practice I am faced with questions as: What happened?

Why can’t I see? Usually something has happened to a person’s eye health which

is a direct result of the person’s health.

I had two people in the past week admit:

  1. “I had a fear that if I had my eyes examined that something would be found

wrong.” Well that may well be true or not true. However, allowing yourself not to

seek at least an understanding of your visual health, and ability to see affects

your lively hood, and ability to communicate and interact with the world. The

worst possible scenario of having an eye examination is finding out what you can

and cannot see, and the necessary steps to preserve your vision and health. The

best thing that could happen is that you would find out you are healthy, and that

your eyes are functioning perfectly. You may even learn something you didn’t


  1. “ I was too vain to wear glasses, or even think that I would have to wear them,

so I ignored having an eye examination.”

Believe it or not this is a very common reason people do not have an eye

examination. Only 40 percent of people have regular eye examinations, and of

those the most common age of having the first eye examination is the age of

40; the age when reading and seeing up close has affected a person’s ability to

do things they would normally do on a daily basis. The unfortunate aspect of

this attitude, is the misperception that your ability to see is solely dependent on

glasses. It depends on health. How many people think preventatively. Annual

eye examinations are intended to keep your eyes healthy. Without health, you see


A rather frightful thought if you consider what people are seeing when they are


Simply put the vision you have is directly related to the vital function, and physical

health. An eye examination is a series of tests to assess the health and optical status,

and function of your eyes and vision.

Strangely enough people still value vision as the most valuable sense which they

would not wish to loose, and yet routinely put annual examinations as a low priority.