How Our Vision Changes As We Grow Older

The human body is in constant change in creation and destruction of cells.

Your diet and your mental state are a representation of your life.  Dealing with the proper balance in nutrition is widely known.  However the emotional state and thinking process has a profound effect on the body tissues as well.

A state of gratitude is rarely maintained as there are emotional aspects to the interpretation of your environment.  Your goals, challenges and experiences are “VIEWED” by the mind through perception.  Your values dictate actions and inactions. However, rarely does one realize that Seeing Through the HEART is connected with the perceptual aspects of the senses.

The human body is a remarkable vehicle which does have a purpose.  Many people do not even realize they are all purposefully filling their purpose in life.  It is the emotional turmoil and energy spent in the daily aspects of life which actually age you.

The eyes, are a high energy level constantly receiving light but also projecting your consciousness to the world.  Every instant is actually an interpretation and building process in your life.  Living a fulfilling and purposeful life is similar to putting your heart into the aspect of time.   A purposeful “VIEW” in life gives the body a rhythym of creation and destruction to maintain the instrument you live in to manifest its purpose.

The eyes play an important part in your life.  A change in values and giving meaning to your life will undoubtedly make a profound effect on your life and aging process.