When Should You Have Your First Eye Examination?

It is recommended that children have their first eye health assessment at the age of 6 months, and yearly throughout life. Children are easily examined for health and focusing, and perceptual difficulties. The assessment of the health of your eyes and the function of the various physical properties are only determinable by an examination. Vision is a very subjective sense, the eyes may not provide with symptoms of pain, and many people end up having an eye examination after something has physically harmed them such as diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases which affect the body. Diseases such as diabetes are often first detected by a visit to an optometrist, where a patient is having difficulties with their vision.

What is the most common age Ontario Residents have their first eye examination?

Forty years of age (on the average), where most people will develop difficulties with focusing at near when reading.
An Angus Ried poll finds that 4 in 10 residents admit having eye or vision problems while doing everyday activities such as driving, watching television, or using a computer. And even though 97% of people understand and believe good vision is extremely important to their health and quality of life, only 40% have regular vision health assessments. This compares with 80% for dental and 76% for medical examinations.
The public generally having a feeling that they only need an eye examination when they need glasses. Unfortunately the wrong idea. Having an eye examination is a health assessment independent of the need for vision wear.