The most frequent question asked by a new or unknown person is


OK !!   Well is shopping for the cost of an eye examination a good thing?

It creates a situation where the person assumes an eye examination from one optometrist is the same as another.

Well it is not.

A thorough eye examination will take in excess of one hour.  If there are conditions related to eye or body disease issues then OHIP may cover the exam.  However OHIP does not pay for the cost of Optical Coherent Imaging or mapping of the microscopic structures in the eye.

A thorough eye examination involves measurement of visual acuity, muscle movements, health of the external structures of the eyes, eyelids, and the internal structures. As well a visual field analysis to study your nerve functions behind the eye. The neurological test should be done to find out what you do not see.  Many conditions affecting your eye sight and vision occur in the brain.  Vision is processed in the back of the head.  Doing a visual field analysis can actually prevent conditions like strokes, as the nerve routes in the brain involving the perception of vision can be revealed by the 6 minutes it takes to find out what you cannot see as the brain is basically providing a method to hide blindness. In other words your vision can be fooled by the process of perception.

Technology has presented us with a powerful series of instruments using Infra red lasers.  Being able to see microscopic tissues and cells invisible to the human eye, allows us to see transparent tissues and measure the progression of a condition or even detect the entity of a disease process in the early stages of development.

So when asking about the cost of the eye examination, which is a little complicated to eliminate or compare any particular service.

Value is a factor.  As an Optometrist I provide a service which should be done periodically.  How much is your health worth?