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Enchroma Glasses: How Do Enchroma Glasses Work For Color Blindness?

EnChroma is a technology company based in California that has designed one of the most popular glasses for those with color blindness, offering the potential to help wearers detect differences between colors they may not have otherwise.

Color blindness is particularly common in males, with one in 10 males having a color deficiency according to the […]

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Why Do Your Eyes Hurt? Common Causes of Eye Pain

Everyone has had sore eyes at some point. Eye pain can be quite temporary and improve with a bit of rest, such as in cases of light eye strain from desk work. Of course, eye pain can signify a deeper, more severe issue.

If you have been struggling with excessive eye pain—or the pain that has […]

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How To Adjust Glasses: Tips For Adjusting Glasses At Home

For most eyeglass wearers, leaving the eye doctor with a new pair of frames is a great experience. The chances are that new pair of glasses matches your style and fits perfectly, giving you a new sense of confidence about how you look.

However, the truth is that after just a few months, the fit of […]

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How to Clean Your Glasses: Why Is It Important to Clean Your Glasses?

Any eyeglass wearer knows how vital their eyewear is to be able to see clearly. But if you don’t know how to clean your glasses properly, the benefit that your eyewear provides can be diminished.

Over time, it is inevitable that smudges, dirt or dust will accumulate on your lenses and make it more difficult to […]

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OHIP and Eye Exams: Does Your OHIP Plan Cover Eye Exams?

If you live in Ontario, chances are you or someone you know has an Ontario Health Card and is enrolled in the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) — Ontario’s government-run health plan that covers most basic and emergency health care services.

OHIP covers eye exams for specific age brackets. But what other optometrist services are […]

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Low Bridge Glasses – Should You Consider Low Bridge Glasses?

What Are Low Bridge Glasses?

If you’ve ever owned a pair of prescription glasses, chances are you have experienced the awkward feeling of your frames slipping down the bridge of your nose.

For some, this can be an occasional problem that only rears its head during physical activities. But depending on your facial features, this can be […]

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Prescription Sunglasses: What Are the Advantages and Benefits?

For wearers of prescription eyewear, bright and sunny days can create many problems such as glare, eye strain and more. Prescription sunglasses have many benefits and are a great solution to provide eye comfort during bright conditions — combining critical vision correction of prescription glasses with essential UV protection and the stylish looks of designer […]

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LASIK Eye Surgery: What You Should Know If You Are Considering It

LASIK is the most popular and well-known type of laser refractive surgery. LASIK surgery involves using a type of cutting laser to reshape the dome-shaped tissue at the front of the eye, known as the cornea, to improve vision.

For those with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, the surface of their eyes does not bend or focus […]

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Color Blindness: How To Test Color Blindness? Can It Be Corrected?

Color blindness is a condition that can limit a person’s ability to see certain colors, color ranges or the brightness of colors. If you believe you may be colorblind, colorblind tests can help you determine what limitations you may have in perceiving color range.

Before seeing an optometrist, online colorblind tests that can help you determine […]

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What is 20/20 Vision?

20/20 vision

Most people have heard our optometrist discuss or compare our vision to 20/20 vision during our eye exam. But precisely what is 20/20 vision?

To put it simply, 20/20 vision is a term used to express the clarity and sharpness—or acuity—of sight at a range of 20 feet. […]

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