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Dangerous decisions which can increase risk of vision loss, and blindness.

Assuming and being uninformed leads to the lineups in the doctors office to help replace and maintain a sense that cannot be  replaced  – Vision and Eyesight.


  1. There is a consistent statement many times related to the perception that eye examinations are only for people who need glasses. Statements like- “ I haven’t had an […]
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First eye examination

When Should you have your first eye examination?

It is recommended that children have their first eye health assessment at the age of 6 months, and yearly throughout life. Children are easily examined for health and focusing, and perceptual difficulties. The assessment of the health of your eyes, and the function of the various physical properties […]

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Impact from a ball or other device may cause blindness.

I had a patient come in today suffering from eye pain subsequent to being hit by a volley ball approximately 12 hours ago.

Fortunately there was no current damage to the eye.  However such impact even small today may cause issues anytime later in life.  Never assume […]

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Did you KNOW?

The government of Ontario is renewing drivers licenses without verification a person has the ability to SEE!!

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Canadian Milton Champion Newspaper Professionals Speak Column

Dangers of Self Diagnosis, Treatment and Dispensing

With the increase of the information available on the internet, many people have resorted to it to find answers for their ailments.

Unfortunately there are many aspects of vision and eye disturbances, conditions and diseases that actually are not necessarily related to the structures of the eyes. And those that […]

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Sunglasses are not all the same


When we find ourselves sensitive to the outside sunlight, one tends to

squint, and we may reach for a pair of “sunglasses”.

It is not the darkness or the color of the sunglasses which will make

you feel more comfortable.

The reasons for our sensitivity to the light are not only the brightness,

but also:

  1. Uncorrected vision is a major […]
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Vanity Or Fear?

Practicing Optometry and I have a mission to help people preserve vision.

When I encounter daily practice I am faced with questions as: What happened?

Why can’t I see? Usually something has happened to a person’s eye health which

is a direct result of the person’s health.

I had two people in the past week admit:

  1. “I […]
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Vision is a perception. What you see, or think you see is not always what is really there.

The brain is lazy but will hide things.  For instance.  Everybody has a blindspot approximately 15 degrees off to the temporal side, about the size of your thumb nail at 20 inches.  It exists, however the brain fills […]

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It is against the Law




Dispensing of eyewear over the internet is against the Law.

The provision of eyewear as in Contact Lenses and glasses are required to be done by a licensed Optometrist or Optician.


Economics???   What is the motive for any company or group of people to provide any prescribed device over the internet?  Likely to […]

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