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Contact Lenses in Milton, ON

Contact lenses have long been the corrective choice for people who prefer not to wear eyeglasses. For particularly active people, contacts may be the most appropriate solution. Contact lenses provide a better field of vision and peripheral awareness. Also, there is no eyeglass lens fogging and no worries about them falling, bending or breaking.

These small plastic lenses do come with their unique responsibilities. Your optometrist can specify for you the precise cleaning and care requirements of your contacts.

Why choose Milton Vision Care for your contact lenses and exams?

Our experienced eye doctors at Milton Eye & Vision Care have been providing comprehensive contact lens exams for Milton residents for over 25 years. Our eye clinic offers quality contacts, including multifocal lenses and contact lenses for astigmatism. During your contact lens fitting with us, our eye care team will also ensure that you are satisfied with a pair of contacts that are perfect for you.

How often do I need to get a contact lens exam?

To maintain healthy vision, we recommend that adults receive an eye exam every one to two years. Contact lens prescriptions typically expire between one to two years after an exam and contact lens fitting. Depending on the age of your prescription, you may need an exam to renew your prescription if you wish to restock your supply of contact lenses.

Are contact lenses safe for your eyes?

Contact lenses are considered to be very safe and can help provide excellent vision. But contacts can damage the eyes if not properly maintained or worn incorrectly. Wearing contacts too long on a given day, not cleaning them or not replacing them with new lenses when called for can all lead to eye problems.

How much do contact lenses cost?

The cost of contact lenses can vary depending on the type of contacts you need or opt for. Typically, daily wearers of disposable contacts daily that discard and replace them every two weeks can expect $220 to $260 for a year’s supply. Of course, the cost will vary for other types of contacts on the market today, such as:

  • Disposable lenses are the most common, and are discarded after a specified length of time—reduced cleaning time, costs and healthier eyes are among the benefits.
  • Extended wear lenses can be worn overnight and continuously for up to one month but require more attentive care to prevent infection and related extended wear problems.
  • Toric lenses are specially curved contacts for astigmatism.

For more information about your contact lenses, contact us today.