Assuming and being uninformed leads to the lineups in the doctors office to help replace and maintain a sense that cannot be  replaced  – Vision and Eyesight.


  1. There is a consistent statement many times related to the perception that eye examinations are only for people who need glasses. Statements like- “ I haven’t had an eye exam because I don’t need glasses.” Or- “My daughter/son can see better than I can.  So they don’t complain, and there is then no reason to have an examination.

Fact.  Many issues with poor vision have to do with physical health.  If the eye, the brain and associated structures depend on function, then everything that keeps you alive keeps you seeing.


  1. The last time a person had an eye examination , and who had eye laser surgery, maybe ten or 15 years ago makes the statement. I had laser surgery to free me of glasses.  I don’t need my eyes examined.

Fact- there are people who haven’t had an examination since the laser surgery.  And those who had eventually need glasses for reading.  And if they haven’t had an eye examination they will not necessarily know they have a life style that puts them at risk of blindness.  Many health issues are detected through regular eye examinations.

Vision loss can be prevented.


  1. I just went to the drug store and found some eye drops to get the red out.

Fact Many red eye conditions are due to severe health issues.  Many eye drops which are used to make your eyes whiter, actually constrict your bloodvessels, reducing blood supply and raising blood pressure in the process.  Is it really a great idea to self treat when you cannot see the issue at cause of your condition.


The major reasons for making the decisions are out of lack of time, money, and having an answer for everything.  And unfortunately the internet is partially feeding the self help industry, yet how many people fail at self help eventually seeking help for issues self manifested.  It is a behaviour of lack.  On the one hand being self righteous, later having to deal with the self wrongteous aspects of behaviour.  They co exist.