Dry Eye Syndrome Causes & Treatments

Visual disturbances such as blur and difficulty focusing is becoming more prevalent in our society. Reduced blink rates when concentrating on reading and other visual tasks depend on our tear quality.

Seems no one ever taught us to care for our eyes and lids like dental care. But in fact, it is just important to care for our eyelids, and our eyes as the rest of the body. The eye lashes are responsible for catching dust. Should the glands of the lids become dysfunctional, the production of tears diminishes resulting in dry eye, which can actually hide as a watery eye (response to a dry eye). Many diseases are transmitted through your eyelashes and tears, which actually drain into your nose and down the back of your throat.


Three tear layers are dependant on the eye lids to produce the proper components. Poor circulation, hygiene and diet are major factors, along with the side effects of medications and other body conditions.

On regular eye examinations we examine the function of the eye lid glands, and procedures to improve your eye health will be suggested. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is a major concern.

Men and women are both suseptable, however women and the improper use of makeup will aggravate the problems.


A balance of health (growth/maintenance) and disease (challenge/healing) is necessary for our life. An imbalance causes our body to diminish its ability to function. The perceptual aspects of life drives our emotions, which is energy in motion ,and the effects of what is called STRESS affect’s how we see things, and respond.