Be Careful with Questions About Eye Exam Costs

One of the most frequent calls is how much does an eye examination cost?

There seems to be an assumption that people are shopping for services like it is an item.

A thorough eye examination can take in excess of an hour.  It is not merely the determination of a prescription for eye wear.

A thorough eye examination takes into account over 90 assessments as well as 50+ test procedures.

Involved are the optical measurements, eye functions and perceptual assessments.  Not every eye exam is done to the degree an independent optometrist does.

Optometrists associated with optical stores are there for a basic purpose to provide you with a prescription for glasses so the Optical can benefit from the locality of the service.

Question to arise would be; ” Are you in good care if the motive is glasses or contact lenses?”

Thorough examination involves not only the basic optical determinations, but also sensory assessments such as a Threshold Visual Field analysis to assess the visual processes in the brain behind the eye.

Optical Scanning involves specialized laser scanners to resolve microscopic tissues in the eye.  To detect conditions not visible to the human eye.

So the Cost of a thorough eye examination is a comprehensive service with many tests.

Cost is determind by the depth of the testing involved for an individual.  It is not a 15 minute assessment (USUALLY CHARGED $75 – for a minimum assessment)

So be careful of the question of the cost of an eye examination.  Service for professional services are regulated by the Ontario Association of Optometrists.  The quality of care is regulated by the College of Optometrists of Ontario.  Your Professional Optometrist takes into consideration the conscious decisions to determine your best care.  I their time valuable to you?