Countless hours on our computers and phones, lack of sleep at night, and poor indoor environmental conditions can all heavily impact our eye health. With the natural exhaustion and stress, our eyes are under through our daily routine, having the expertise of optometrists and eye spa professionals can make the difference in restoring your eyes’ health to top shape.

Our eye spa services involve personalized sessions to identify any eye problems that you may have. We follow up with specialized spa therapy for your eyes that leave your eyes feeling relaxed and refreshed. Our team employs a range of spa treatments and therapies determined by our eye doctors to meet your unique needs. Just a few services we provide include:

  • Dry eye treatment
  • Red-eye treatment
  • Nutritional support and skincare for the eyes
  • Binocular vision training

Dry Eye Treatment

One of the most common causes of dry eye disease is meibomitis, characterized as a dysfunction of oil glands in the eyelid that normally release liquid oils into our tears that moisturize the eye. Our eye spa team will develop a customized patient treatment plan to relieve your dry eye condition. Through a thorough patient visit, our eye doctors will assess the condition of your eyelids and eyelid oil glands to employ therapies that enhance your tear production, tear quality and blink rate.

Red Eye Treatment

Red eyes can be caused by a number of issues. A viral infection, such as pink eye, can cause eye redness. However, red eyes are most commonly caused by irritation from allergies, dry eye, or exposure to chemicals. Our team will be able to conduct a thorough assessment of your eyelids and lid oil glands and follow up with an appropriate therapy to relieve your red eyes while improving the quality of your tears and your eyes’ ability to produce moisture.

Improve Eyesight

Just as various therapies can help improve muscle strength and bone joints throughout the body, spa eye treatment can be used to strengthen eye muscles and improve eyesight. Our eye care specialists offer personalized vision training that can improve vision, specialized therapy to increase muscle flexibility, and eye exercises to enhance eye movement and endurance.

Improve Eye Health

Our eye treatment spa will be able to provide support to improve your eye health as well. Our team will provide therapy and nutritional support that boosts the health of the inner eye, retina and outer portions of the eye. Along with therapeutic support to relax and restore your eyes, we will also be able to recommend effective supplements that promote healthy eyes and tissue repair, as well as optimal eye moisture.

To learn more about our eye treatment spa and services, or to book an appointment, contact us today.