Offering Comprehensive Child Eye Exams Near You

As young children develop, they often have particular vision care needs. Pediatric eye doctors are specialized in children’s eye care beyond the training of a traditional optometrist.

Pediatric eye doctors have much of the training as standard optometrists. But children’s optometrists are skilled at communicating with children during their eye exams. They are trained to identify specific eye problems that are most common among young children. Pediatric optometrist services also provide wonderful selections of affordable children’s eyewear. If you are seeking trusted pediatric optometrist in Milton, ON, contact us at Milton Eye and Vision Care today.

Why Choose Milton Eye and Vision Care?

As trusted pediatric eye doctors in Milton for over 40 years, Milton Eye and Vision Care has offered children’s eye doctor services. Led by Dr. Ronald Nicholas Strohan, our pediatric optometrists provide comprehensive eye care services for children. These services include from children’s eye exams to recommending stylish and affordable children’s eyewear for all ages.

Our children’s eye doctors are committed to providing a comfortable environment for both children and parents. We help children learn about their eyes and how to care for their vision as they grow.

What Does a Pediatric Optometrist Do?

Pediatric optometrists can diagnose, treat, and manage all children’s eye problems. Pediatric ophthalmologists generally provide the following services:

• Children’s eye exams
• Diagnose vision changes or vision disorders
• Provide help with treating eye injuries
• Prescribe children’s eyeglasses or vision correction solutions

Does My Child Need an Eye Exam?

If they have not visited a children’s eye doctor recently, it is recommended they do so. Children’s eye exams are a vital step toward ensuring that your child’s eyes are healthy and are free of early vision problems that could affect their ability to see as they develop.

How Often Should Have an Eye Exam?

Infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam as early as six months old. Children then should have more eye exams at age 3, and before they enter the first grade at about age 5 or 6. Once in grade school, your child should visit a pediatric optometrist every 1-2 years, depending on whether they need some form of vision correction.

To learn more about our pediatric optometrist services near you, contact Milton Eye & Vision Care today!