Dangers of Self Diagnosis, Treatment and Dispensing

With the increase of the information available on the internet, many people have resorted to it to find answers for their ailments.

Unfortunately there are many aspects of vision and eye disturbances, conditions and diseases that actually are not necessarily related to the structures of the eyes. And those that are, are not necessarily treatable without professional diagnosis.

Reaching for the eye drop that “I thought might help” can actually cause more problems than help. Attempting to cure your pain, can many times have consequences which can be quite dangerous or hazardous to your health.

Another example is an issue which can produce problems to your health is the ‘Self dispensing’ contacts and glasses.
This is actually against the law.
There are controlled acts of Parliament or Provincial Legistlation which prohibit the dispensing of Medical Devices from non licensed professionals. The reason for the laws are to protect you. Circumventing the law will have its consequences in some way.
Contacts and Spectacles are Medical Devises.
That is because they are potential health concerns and must be treated with respect.
Attempting to save a few dollars, or time while not understanding what people are purchasing is a venue those attempting to make a living while providing such products are actually acting against your best interests. Trusting you are purchasing a commodity is a product of being uneducated. Be careful what you are doing to your self.