When should you REALLY have and eye examination?

When Should you have your first eye examination?


It is recommended that children have their first eye health assessment at the age of 6 months, and yearly throughout life. Children are easily examined for health and focusing, and perceptual difficulties. The assessment of the health of your eyes, and the function of the various physical properties […]

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Perceived Value: Something You Should Know.

What is the Cost?
You may be asking the wrong questions.
“What is the cost of an eye examination, glasses, or contact lens?” Why is that the most common question asked
when a call comes into the office? Do you really understand?
Your eyes may need more help than you might believe. Would you look for less quality or […]

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October is Childrens Vision Awareness Month

October is Children’s Vision Awareness Month


Help your child see their full potential


1 in 4 children has a VISION PROBLEM


80 percent of Learning is through Vision


Eye examinations are covered by OHIP and are Free


ONLY 4 percent of children have had an eye examination.   Poor eyesight will affect your child’s behaviour.


If one were to assume your child […]

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Life and vision both take time

Recent passings of family, namely my Father and Older brother only one month apart initiated a reflection on life and the important matters.

In health care it is a challenge at times to understand people’s values.

The largest aspect is time.  There are only so many seconds in a minute and yet the time just seems to […]

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Many of our patients are unaware of the devastating effects diabetes has on eye health. Statistics show that diabetics have 25 times higher risk of becoming legally blind, and […]

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The purpose of eyesight and Vision in Life

The purpose of eyesight in life


Seeing Through the Heart is the purpose of your vision and eyesight

Appreciating your eyes as a gift of life.

The heart is the seat of consciousness whose energy radiates through the body and its nervous system. It is the center of your being, and radiates unconditionally with a rhythm affected […]

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Eye Injury: Preventing Common Eye Injuries & Treating Eye Injuries

Do Eye Injuries Health on Their Own?

Seasonal incidences of Eye Injury


With the onset of spring and warmer weather there are increasing accidents involving the eyes.


People who get “jabbed” in the eye from a branch or some other object will likely be in pain for a day or two.


However the wrong thing to do is reach […]

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Vision in life…..does it have a purpose?

Your vision and eye sight does serve you to be able to see your life experience and express it to its fullest.

But what does one not see?

Awareness of your actions and inactions produce your picture of life through your perceptions.  However, your life may be illusive to you and only seen after your experiences and […]

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Assumptions about vision a sense of illusion. Do you really believe your eyes?

Many people who have had cataract surgery or lazer surgery can assume their vision is GREAT!!   However it may not be as great as it should.

Recently I saw an individual who has been a patient of mine for over 20 years.

Last year they went under surgery for cataract removal

However a recent incident occurred which required […]

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Introduction to Family Matters

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