For those that develop Presbyopia, progressive glasses are lenses that correct your vision progressively from reading distance to long-range distances seamlessly. One of the biggest progressive glasses advantages is that the lenses provide continuous gradual change in prescription throughout the lens and doe not have visible lines that separate the segments. Cosmetically, progressive glasses appear just the same as single vision lenses.

Can Progressive Glasses Cause Dizziness?

For some, progressive lenses can be hard to get used to. Occasionally, wearers will have a difficult time adjusting to the various lens powers that are featured in progressive lenses. Wearers not used to these changes in lens power can experience feeling nauseous or dizzy initially. Wearers may also experience a “swim effect” where peripheral vision seems distorted by the changes that occur at the edge of progressive lenses.

Are Progressive Glasses Are to Get Used To?

Progressive lenses can be hard to get used to for some first-time wearers at first. A small percentage of wearers of progressive glasses may even experience headaches initially. Fortunately, new progressive lens technologies have been developed that have helped to reduce many vision-altering effects. Some new structure designs of progressive lenses have helped reduce “swim effect” by up to 90 percent.

Are Progressive Glasses Worth It?

For many, Progressive lenses are an essential part of their daily lives, helping them maintain uninterrupted vision needed to focus well at work and at home. Because progressive lenses provide continuous intermediate vision and peripheral sight clarity, wearers are able to easily toggle between tasks such as reading, working at computer screens and performing optimally in an office setting.
Additionally, some of the cost of progressive lens is offset by the fact that eyeglass wearers can avoid paying and maintaining two separate pairs of glasses.

Should I Get Progressive Glasses?

Ultimately, the decision is best determined by you and your eye doctor. However, progressive lens can help eyeglass wearers avoid the cost and care for two separate pairs of glasses. To learn more about whether progressive lenses are right for you, or to schedule a visit for your progressive glasses prescription, call today.